Preventive and effective, the Hybrid Run insoles specially designed for running and trail practice are a combination of technical materials to bring the sportsman or woman a state of total well-being. They are a combinaison of technical materials developed through an innovative production method. They make it possible to preserve themselves from the harmful consequences during the practice of sport. Wenovs allows you to practice your sport efficiently and sustainably.
Support The support hull made of carbon composite keeps the foot in an optimal position
Comfort The gel helps to absorb hock waves for lasting overall well-being
Propulsion The elastomeric material returns the energy absorbed to provide an extra boost
Covering The antibacterial textile composite reduces by 25% constraints of heating under the foot compared to other insoles

Innovative technical insoles
100% made in France
Created by a team of podiatrists

High-level athletes, weekend sportsmen and women or influencers specializing in running, these people believe in our products and sharing through their experience 

“At Wenovs, our podiatrists are available to advise you and answer
to your questions”